Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness - mulit-cultural team

Cross Cultural Awareness course


Why attend this cultural awareness training?

In an increasingly global marketplace organisations can’t afford to neglect the importance of good communication. Companies that invest in cultural awareness training undoubtedly reap rewards through effective working relationships, better communication, employee
retention and productive staff. The aim of this training is to increase cross-cultural awareness and improve relationships between managers and staff based in different countries.

Who is Cultural Awareness for?

The workshop is appropriate for anyone who needs an increased awareness of differences and similarities between different cultures in a business context. It’s for anyone who wants to improve communication and cohesion across multi-cultural teams.

Benefits of Cultural Awareness

  • Greet others in accordance with their customs
  • Build strong and lasting relationships with people from other cultures
  • Know the right way to go about conversation, holding business meetings, negotiating, etiquette etc
  • Increased awareness of the differences in approach to those in positions of authority
  • Enhance your reputation when doing business in other countries or working in a cross-cultural team

What you will learn

  • Why cultural awareness matters
  • Recognising our own cultural assumptions
  • Stereotypes and prejudice
  • Seeing the world through the eyes of other cultures
  • Meeting and greeting
  • Social etiquette and rules for personal space
  • Cultural perceptions of time
  • Taking account of communication styles
  • Managing people in different cultures
Course details
Maximum participants: 12
Duration: 1 day
Available as: In-company
In-company course price: Please contact us
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