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1. Because our clients trust us they come back for more

83% of our business is repeat business. If you’re considering using Speak First for the first time this means you can join the ranks of our satisfied clients and discover how friendly, reliable and professional we are. If you’re an existing client we’d love to talk to you about how we can help you in other areas or other countries.

2. You get tried-and-tested plus innovation

We’ve been in business since 1987, so you’re guaranteed to experience proven courses that have stood the test of time and deliver the results you need. But that doesn’t mean we’re complacent. We pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date and incorporate cutting edge thinking in everything we do. The result? You get the best of both worlds.

3. We offer global coverage and consistency with local delivery and cultural adaptation

Having trainers and coaches located around the world we can deliver programmes with 80% global consistency and 20% local adaption to meet cultural differences. This means you can be confident in rolling out your programmes internationally, safe in the knowledge that it will be effective and successful in every location.

4. We customise and tailor to meet your needs

Every business is different, and every learning need slightly different. We consider it essential we understand your organisation and what you’re trying to achieve. The design is then adapted to meet your specific needs.

5. Learning is practical, real-world and interactive

Employees don’t want a lecture full of theory. They want to participate in discussions and activities that relate to the challenges they face at work. Our training is practical and effective. Participants engage in ‘real-plays’ developed in partnership with you, getting feedback that improves their knowledge and skill. When the group is small enough, we use video recording with free-frame coaching. Our blended programmes include meaningful between module activities so people apply what they’ve learnt immediately.

6. Learning is transferrable, sustainable and measurable

You know there’s no point in having your employees enjoy a face-to-face or virtual training session – but fail to apply the learning when they get back to work. So do we. That’s why we focus on designing and delivering sessions and programmes where the learning is transferrable and sustainable – and, whenever possible, measurable. We know that demonstrating ROI to the business is important and we’ll do everything we can to support you in this.

7. Our trainers are knowledgeable and enthusiastic

You don’t want a trainer who just turns up and goes through the motions. You want a trainer who is knowledgeable and passionate – because enthusiasm is contagious and makes learning easy. We’re committed to excellence in everything we do. Our trainers are regularly monitored to make sure they meet our exacting standards. We review the evaluation forms from every course so you can feel confident that delivery is as good as it can possibly be.

8. You’re in good company

Many of the world’s leading companies put their trust in Speak First – and our client base continues to grow rapidly. We’re experienced in everything from small, bespoke interventions to rolling out programmes globally.

9. We care

We really do care – about making a difference to people and to companies. That may sound grandiose, but it’s what drives us – it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. We care about getting under the skin of your organisation, understanding its DNA and working with you in partnership to help you become more successful. When delivering training we care about every participant and do everything we can to bring about transformation through individual support and attention so they can be the best they can be.

10. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied

We focus on your needs and work hard to make sure you get what you want. We’re so confident of our ability to deliver for you – and our track record speaks for itself – we offer a money back guarantee if you’re not entirely satisfied.

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