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Blended Learning

Blended Learning

When children learn to read, they build up their knowledge of words and grammar over time, not in just one day. They spend time reading alone, looking at picture cards, saying the sounds out loud in groups and working through tasks to stretch what they know.

The same principles apply when they become adults, go to work and need to learn new skills. Their brain doesn’t work differently just because they’re wearing a suit. Learning isn’t a one-off event, it’s on-going. And learning is most effective when it’s relevant.

We work with companies like yours to created blended programmes that are aligned not just with the business strategies and goals but are also a part of the culture of the organisation and use the most appropriate interventions for the individual.

Our common sense approach means no two learning journeys look the same. They could involve any delivery method, including coaching, virtual webinars, workshops or individual tasks. Our design process for creating a flexible, blended solution is consultative. We work in partnership with you – and really get into your DNA.
We work within your parameters and budget, drawing upon 30 years of experience in learning to recommend the best solution for you and the participants, in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

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