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Being technically good at your job isn’t enough today – strong people skills are also essential. Your people must be able to communicate effectively and influence their colleagues, clients and boss to achieve the results they want. Many people, however, are left to acquire these skills through a process of trial and error. Some struggle – especially when surrounded by strong characters, senior or more experienced people. This engaging, informative and practical workshop will give participants the tools and techniques they need to make a positive impact at work. They will learn how to actively manage the perception others have of them, convey a powerful and memorable personal brand and raise their profile. Building on their existing skills, they will discover how their behaviour and style impacts on others and learn how to adapt their approach. Participants learn how to make a positive impression and why this is vital for success.

Learning objectives

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Understand how to project a strong and memorable personal brand
  • Know how to raise their profile at work through ‘good news updates’
  • Be more aware of the impact their style has and be able to vary it as needed
  • Know how to increase their level of confidence in a variety of situations
  • Learn valuable techniques for making and following up on requests assertively and saying ‘no’

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