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Face-to-face executive and skill-based coaching

People seek out coaching for many different reasons, but typically there’s a gap between how things are and how they – or the business – would like them to be. The coach’s role is to support them in bridging it.

Sometimes all that’s required is a single session to sort out a pressing concern, but more typically there are several over a period of weeks or months, building momentum and accelerating progress.

We work with clients worldwide and are able to provide coaches locally to them. This gives them the confidence in knowing their people are experiencing a consistent coaching style and approach, aligned to what their business wants to achieve, but with a strong individual relationship and chemistry between coach and coachee that really makes the difference. Our coaches can have conversations in English and in local language, allowing for the people they coach to feel as comfortable as possible.

Perfect for anyone wanting to make rapid progress, coaching is results-oriented, specific and effective. It can be skill-based – such as preparing a CFO/CEO for a major presentation – or have a wider ‘executive coaching’ focus.

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