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Face-to-face Training

Face-to-face training

Thirty years ago when Speak First began, we delivered almost exclusively face-to-face, classroom workshops. We’ve spent the last three decades perfecting what makes training effective, adding innovative techniques that enhance the learning experience for participants.

When people are geographically spread, face-to-face time is precious, so we use it to its maximum, focusing on interactivity and practice so your people get the most from their time together – often using video recording with freeze-frame coaching to help participants make rapid progress. It’s impossible to create such a rich learning environment in an e-learning module or webinar – no matter how good the facilitator is.

Face-to-face training is essential with subjects like influence, personal impact, sales and negotiation, where trying techniques in pairs and groups with feedback is central to achieving a successful learning outcome.

We take a coaching approach, honouring the experience in the room but then building on it with practical tools and techniques they can immediately use in the workplace. This means that your people feel confident to apply what they learnt as soon as they return to their roles.

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