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Learning Bites

Learning Bites

Sometimes it’s not easy, desirable or even possible for staff to be away from the business for a whole day or even half a day. That’s where Learning Bites come in. Engaging and practical, these 45-120 minute workshops give participants a short, sharp burst of insight and inspiration – making them highly cost-effective and hugely time-efficient.

While a 90-minute session can’t obviously cover as much as a full day, it’s amazing how much valuable information can be conveyed in that amount of time. Not that it’s a lecture though. All Speak First Learning Bite workshops are interactive, with facilitated discussions, ‘real-play’ in pairs and small group work. Participants leave buzzing with enthusiasm and wanting to put their learning into action immediately.

If you’re looking to provide your staff with new perspectives, stimulate their thinking and give them a practical toolkit, there’s no more efficient way of doing it than with a Speak First Buzz Learning Bite.
You’ll never find us condensing learning to fit the time. Learning bites are always built for your need, perfectly targeted and also a great option to use for conferences or keynotes.

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