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Anyone who attended webinars back when virtual learning first appeared on the scene will still remember how terrible they could be. Delivered as a lecture, with an occasional poll thrown in so the facilitator could prove they hadn’t forgotten there was an audience listening in, they offered little engagement and were completely inefficient for actually teaching anyone anything.

Speak First virtual classrooms aren’t like that at all. Run either over Zoom or Adobe Connect, all our virtual classrooms are carefully designed to run the same way as our face-to-face sessions, while simultaneously utilising the benefits of the new medium. They’re highly interactive and are led by an instructor taking participants through a learning journey together, with a variety of interventions, including group chats, pairs work, breakout rooms, editable workbooks, role-plays, instructor-led discussions and more, giving all types of learners an experience that engages them.

Virtual classrooms are the ultimate modern, flexible delivery method, allowing the transfer of knowledge quickly and effectively. Whether working from home, in the office or travelling, with just a laptop, tablet or mobile/cell, it’s never been easier to join in. With no travel time, they’re also the most time efficient option, allowing participants to get straight back to work as soon as the session finishes.

With our virtual classrooms, we give participants the very best opportunities to learn, grow and develop themselves, creating the right environment to let them practice behaviours and apply their new skills to their work.

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