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Coaching is a powerful way to target specific development areas for your people – and for time-limited senior executives, it’s far easier to schedule than attending a longer workshop or course. With many having plans to continue working from home longer term, virtual coaching is the most accessible and flexible option.

Delivered via Zoom, Adobe Connect or your own video conferencing platform, it provides the personal connection that’s essential in a longer coaching relationship. It means your executive can be supported, no matter where they’re working from.

For longer coaching programmes, it’s common for some sessions to be face-to-face (depending on local government guidelines) and for some to be virtual – but increasingly, they’ll have their entire relationship without needing to meet face-to-face.

We also offer virtual skills coaching as part of our blended programmes. A format that many companies favour when they require presentation skills training for a global team is to start with a virtual classroom which is followed up by virtual coaching, giving each individual the chance to present virtually and the opportunity to receive in-depth personalised feedback.

The greatest advantage of our virtual coaching is that it makes it accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. Personal development doesn’t have to stop because you can’t meet up face-to-face, and it allows you to involve people of a similar level on a consistent programme, no matter their location.

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