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Open Courses

Open courses

There will be individuals where it’s either not possible or isn’t appropriate for them to attend a training session with colleagues. In our core subject areas – including presentations, personal impact and management skills we’re able to offer high-impact courses from a Central London location.

If someone is handling a difficult situation they generally appreciate the opportunity to bounce their experiences off peers, who all work in business roles. Open courses allow them to gain strategies from other delegates who come from a range of industries and bring different perspectives to the learning. They also gain insight from an expert facilitator who can work through each person’s specific situation.

Open courses are also a great option if you have one or two individuals who need training and you don’t want to have to pay for an in-company course for them. With group numbers of no more than 6 people, we can guarantee you that they will get the 1-2-1 time they need.

You can take a look at our Open Course Calendar to see what topics we’re covering and when, as well as book a spot for yourself or someone else online.

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