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Anti-Harassment Training, Industry Leading Company

Success story

LATE 2016


In late 2016, we began working with a major company in the UK after their employee surveys had revealed a growing culture of harassment, which the senior leadership team wanted to put an immediate end to.


They asked us to design and deliver a bespoke programme on the topics of workplace bullying and harassment to educate their team on these delicate issues.


Our Senior Learning and Development Consultants worked with the client to develop an outline for the programme. As part of this process, they looked at a large number of employee surveys, to understand the scope of the issue within the company, and the right way to address them.


By working closely with the client, our team was also able to get an in-depth feel for the company, its employees, values and culture.


This is an essential step for creating content that matches participants’ personalities and expectations.


After this period of consultation, it was agreed the programme would be aimed at senior managers, with the main learning outcomes being for participants to:


  • Understand company policy and the law regarding workplace harassment


  • Recognise the difference between friendly banter and bullying


  • How to overcome unconscious bias


  • Become confident calling out any inappropriate behaviour


People iconWorking closely with the client, we developed a highly interactive face-to-face half-day programme, which utilised group work, live online voting and interactive roleplays.



Theatre masksActors were brought in to demonstrate examples of harassment and bullying, all of which were based on real scenarios employees had reported.


Participants were invited to offer live feedback and interact with the characters and scenarios. This experience created very real and visceral learning opportunities for all involved.



The programme was originally envisioned as a one-off session for the company’s senior management team. However, feedback was so positive that it was later rolled out to all managers in the company.




In November 2017, we ran a pilot programme.


This began a new process of constant review and collaboration between our team of consultants and designers and the client’s Learning and Development department. A number of alterations were made to perfect the content and delivery for a wider rollout.

MARCH 2018 - FEBRUARY 2019


Calendar iconDelivery of the programme to all managerial staff began in March 2018, running in several waves until February 2019.



An expert trainer was chosen, who perfectly matched the style and personality of the client company. Along with two actors, they ran the half-day face-to-face sessions over 40 times to approximately 450 participants.



Thumb up iconThe client was delighted to report that they had a much higher turn out for these sessions than they had expected. In the past, they had experienced high levels of absences, even when training was made mandatory. For this programme, word of mouth had spread through the company that it was an engaging, relevant and enjoyable programme.


In post-programme surveys, the average participant score for the programme was 4.4/5.


The average score for the trainer was 4.5/5.


Participant feedback highlighted that the programme matched the company’s culture, the actors and roleplays were able to bring the issues to life in a thought provoking and engaging way, and praised the programme for providing an opportunity to discuss their experiences and feelings in a safe, judgement-free space.


Quotation mark




The session was well paced and thought provoking, the trainer and actors really engaged with the attendees. There was great interaction and the conversations were pertinent and really flowed.


It was an excellent afternoon. A serious topic, but facilitated with an appropriate level of good humour. It also felt like a safe space to explore the topic.


I think this was the most valuable training we’ve had in a long time and I hope that this will bring some cultural changes following this.


Participants’ quotes

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