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Global Leadership Blended Training Programme

Success story



In September 2020, a major international company approached us to design and deliver a new leadership programme for their employees. They had no existing leadership training and wanted to create a new and consistent approach throughout the organisation.


They wanted a programme to upskill their leaders with new practical skills, theories and attitudes that could then cascade down through the company to all levels.


Our Global L&D Consultancy Team began by getting an in-depth look at the organisation, their requirements and their culture.


  • Speaking with members of the senior leadership team, they looked at the company’s current skillsets, competencies, strategic drivers and regional objectives


  • Internally, the organisation had identified four key behaviours which formed the key values and competencies they want their leaders to strive for. The client agreed with us that these should be used as the main foundation of the new programme, acting as the KPIs for participants and the overall success of the programme to be measured


  • This information allowed our team to begin designing a programme which was specifically tailored to their needs and built on existing knowledge


A set of objectives was developed, specifically around the core competencies:


  • Increase all leaders’ business acumen and strategic awareness


  • Improved critical thinking, decision making and problem solving skills


  • Develop a more client focused mindset and culture within the organisation


  • Establish methods of collaboration between different teams


Calendar iconA three-month blended programme was designed, and delivery began in October 2020 – just a month after the first consultation.



The programme was divided into four modules, each one focusing on one of the core four leadership behaviours.


These modules were comprised of multiple instructor-led virtual courses, all building towards the main topic.


Overall, there were 18 virtual classroom sessions.



Participants were also split into ‘Team Connection’ groups. These groups met between the main sessions to discuss their progress and share experiences and advice.


All participants completed an individual learning log, to track their personal development throughout the programme.



Calendar iconThe first wave of the programme began in October 2020 and finished in January 2021.



There were 14 participants, each a current leader, spanning the breadth of the company’s departments and workforce.
The client initially identified 50 current and future leaders in their organisation to attend the programme. They will run the programme again for the next set of participants.



EarthThe first group of participants were geographically spread throughout the USA and South American countries.


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I really liked the way the trainers approach people’s experiences and ‘translated’ them for something approachable for everyone.


This has been far different and more positive training than we’re used to… you’ve clearly researched our company before presenting these topics, because you used very specific and relevant examples.


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