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Leadership Development Programme, Global Company

Success story

MAY 2019


Since 2015, we’ve been working with a major global company on a variety of L&D solutions for their employees.


In May 2019, conversations began about replacing their existing leadership development programme, which was created and run internally, with a more up-to-date and effective programme.


  • The process of designing the new programme was a highly collaborative partnership between our expert Learning and Development Consultancy team and the client’s Culture and Leadership team


  • Speaking with their senior leadership team, our consultants gained an in-depth understanding of the organisational culture, values and priorities, as well as running a needs analysis to determine the current and required competencies – together, they built a clear vision of the programme’s aims and desired outcomes


  • The client identified the top talent within their organisation that they wanted to nurture into future leaders


  • Give participants opportunities for personal development and to cultivate their own individual style


  • Develop their management skills, including team leadership and communication skills


  • Train them to be agile leaders and help them to think and act more strategically


  • A bespoke, five-month long, modular programme


  • Covering a wide range of topics, from team building and delegation to developing others – including the neuroscience of leadership




  • Before starting the programme, all participants were asked to complete a leadership assessment to recognise their own personal styles, strengths and weaknesses


  • It helped them create and follow an individualised personal development plan and develop new habits to embed the learning


The programme used a blended approach, mixing together a number of styles of learning interventions.


The core of the programme was made up of virtual classroom sessions and smaller facilitated virtual learning groups.


In-between work iconBetween these sessions, participants completed a learning journal, and were given in-between relevant and useful activities to follow up classroom experiences with practical opportunities to put their new skills to use at work.



Another element of the programme was known as ‘Leadership Dialogue,’ where current internal leaders gave talks to the future leaders of the company. These talks gave the participants valuable and practical insights into leadership roles and established a clear continuity between current and future leaders. The programme was designed to offer a deep theoretical and practical look at leadership, while also creating an opportunity to pass on real-life organisational knowledge.


We ran a pilot programme for members of the German team across five days in December 2019. In-depth feedback was gathered and assessed in order to help our expert team tweak the programme content to create an even more specific, relevant and engaging end result.


C-19 iconThe pilot scheme included face-to-face learning, but by the time the main rollout was due to start, it was changed to be entirely virtual, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, even before the global lockdown, the programme was envisioned as a blend of face-to-face and virtual learning elements. Being a global company, with employees based in many countries, virtual interventions were recognised as the best way to bring participants together from around the world, without expensive and time-consuming travel.




Calendar iconThe programme began its full rollout in September 2020, with the first group expected to complete it by the end of February 2021.


This first group of 20 participants spanned 14 countries and held a range of positions from various departments within the organisation, including operations, sales, logistics and more. By bringing so many future leaders together in this way, it established a consistent new approach across all areas of the organisation. It also helped break down geographical and departmental barriers, building new working relationships between colleagues who may not have met before, creating a more cohesive workforce.


At the time of writing, the first wave of the programme was still running, but initial feedback shows a high level of engagement from the participants, who found the programme content interesting, relevant and practical.

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