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Alain Greaves

Alain is an engaging and personable trainer, facilitator, author and coach specialising in Leadership and Management, Presentation and Communication skills and Cultural Awareness.

Having a varied career in business, Alain has worked across numerous industries with organisations including Samsung, Unilever, Local Government (UK and Korea) and Hyundai. He is a skilled communicator with a creative approach to people development.

Alain has held senior level professional positions including Head TESOL Instructor for Times Media TESOL and Headmaster at Seoul ICS. He is highly pragmatic with an approach that inspires his participants to act.

With over 44 years training experience Alain is not only exceptionally experienced in learning, he is passionate and dedicated to providing the best for his participants. He has a fun, encouraging and conversational delivery style and is relentless at eliciting to achieve full participation in his sessions.

Alain holds an MBA from Results Corporation UK. He holds a number of NLP certifications from Christopher Howard Training UK and an MA in Applied Linguistics from University of Bedfordshire. Alain delivers training in English.

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