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Alexander Schlick

Alex is an engaging and credible trainer and facilitator, specialising in leadership, communication, personal impact and presenting.

Alex has a background working in the education sector in Vienna and then for the United Nations, leading international teams of biologists in roles including inspecting biological weapons production sites in Iraq.

Following his time in the UN, he has worked as Managing Director and owner of consulting firms. He also worked in a Head of HR role, managing over 1000 employees, which has gave him both a strong knowledge of the business and corporate world and the ability to pinpoint and target development areas for individuals.

In his 18 years as a trainer, Alex is known for facilitating discussions and instigating active participation through use of exercises and simulations designed to engage and empower delegates. He has worked with companies such as VMware, and Philips.

Alex has a PHD in Anthropological and Sociological Description of the population of Colonia Tirol. He has an additional two years of study of law from Kepler University. Alex is an internationally published author of 2 books, having sold over 13,000 copies in Germany and China. He delivers training in English, German and Portuguese.

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