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Antonius Arif

Antonius Arif is an Executive Coach and Sales, Negotiation & Marketing Trainer. He focuses on Sales Development, Negotiation, Business Performance and Leadership coaching in a Sales context.

He commenced his sales career as an Account Executive at Dipareksa Pramukti (representative of Lockheed Martin, USA) in 1998. Since then he has held a variety of senior positions working for MNCs and national organisations working with IT related technologies, becoming a Top award winner 3 years in a row. His final position was as Director of Sales for Imperium Capital, a specialist service managing expatriate wealth and financials.

In 2010 Antonius decided that is passion was people development and he started working as a freelance trainer and founded his own company in Indonesia. Since his decision to move into training he has provided services to a host of different industries broadening his scope and expertise. Antonius has worked with many MNCs and national companies to develop their capabilities in Sales, Leadership and People Management.

With almost 10 years as an experienced trainer and coach, Antonius is enthusiastic, engaging and resourceful. He is quick to modify his style to that of his audience and skilful at awakening them to previously unconsidered possibilities.

Academically, he holds a master’s in marketing management and from a professional standpoint he is a Licensed Trainer of NLP and holds further professional qualifications in coaching, Resource Therapy, Hypnotherapy and is certified in Guerrilla Business Marketing. Antonius delivers training in Indonesian.

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