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Belinda Strazzer

Belinda Strazzer is a passionate and focused trainer and coach specialising in the areas of presentation skills, impact and influence, leadership and management, sales and business development, communication skills, customer service, personal effectiveness and business psychology.

Belinda has a background of working with young adults with mental health conditions, as a social worker and team leader, for over 10 years. This gives her a unique perspective and ability to into identify and develop the challenging individual needs of the people she’s working with. As a result she offers targeted and empathic training to her participants where she ensures they leave with the tools and confidence they need.

Her previous roles included managing and her hands-on experience gives her stories and examples she can share in her training.

Belinda’s delivery style is highly interactive, involving the group and is focused on each delegate’s development needs. She inspires and motivates her participants to grow in their roles and their business.

She is a certified master practitioner of NLP and delivers training in High German and Swiss German.

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