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Leslie Greene

Leslie is an experienced facilitator, trainer and coach in the areas of presentation skills, personal impact, leadership, management, sales, business development, communication skills, personal effectiveness and influencing.

With a background working at senior manager level in companies including Thomson Reuters and Winthrop Pharmaceuticals she understands the need for clear communication in companies at senior level, which means that she is able to give each delegate an individual and tailored training experience.

Her 32-year training career makes her widely knowledgeable in past and present practices, giving her the ability to innovate and offer solutions to delegates that are not yet widely utilized, placing them in a lead position. This experience has been highly sought after as she has worked with executive, director and manager level staff.

Her delivery style is highly energetic, interactive and balanced providing delegates with valuable feedback to really get to the bottom of their development areas. Some of her clients include companies such as Aztec Technologies, IBM, Microsoft, Converse, Verizon and Yahoo.

Leslie has a BA in English and Business Administration from University of New Hampshire and delivers training in English.

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