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Sasa Ljuboja is a trainer and facilitator specialising in personal effectiveness, customer service, communication skills, sales and business development.

He is a highly experienced manager, consultant and HR trainer with extensive expertise in planning, design, implementation and management of systems, processes and. As a result, his training is focussed and specific to real-life business situations where he aims to increase both individual and business performance.

Sasa has managed teams of over 1000 employees and has delivered thousands of in-house training workshops. He’s an expert in his specialty areas thanks to his corporate background, giving delegates the opportunity to effectively address challenging areas with the advice and knowledge of an experienced professional.

20 years of training has evolved Sasa’s training style, drawing out and building on participants skills rather than simply presenting theories. Some of his previous clients include, KPMG, Deloitte, Microsoft, Oracle, Pfizer, Coca Cola, Grand Motors and DHL.

Sasa holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Sciences from the University of Belgrade and is a successful author of 2 bestselling books including “From fear to success” selling out 50,000 copies and “The small secrets of Network Marketing” selling over 20,000 copies. He delivers training in English, Serbian and Macedonian.

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