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Werner van loo

Werner has a wealth of experience and is a knowledgeable and well-qualified facilitator, trainer and coach. From a background starting in Account Management and B2B sales he has built a set of skills which he puts to good use in his role as a Trainer.

Throughout his career, Werner has always been motivated to help others achieve and this is clearly demonstrated in his early commitment to develop his team and others. He works as a financial intermediary and trains sales teams, additionally he has commitments for supervision within UC Leuven Limburg (UCLL) student business management. He has a progressive career with junior through to senior management and Werner uses his business knowledge and experience to compliment the training he delivers.

Werner has worked as a consultant, coach and trainer for over 5 years His style is engaging and active, and his participants enjoy a learning experience as a result of his impactful training style. Werner is skilled at delivering in the virtual world and face-to-face and from small to large audiences. He is able to deliver service in Dutch, French and English.

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