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Wojtek Mendyka

Wojciech is an experienced trainer and facilitator specialising in sales and business development and leadership and management.

Wojciech worked for many years at UPS where he led sales teams across Europe and eventually moved into designing and delivering their internal sales training. He’s worked across different countries, both as a salesperson and trainer, with time spent in Ireland working for IBM.

His extensive business experience as well as understanding of different cultures gives him a breadth of experience that he’s able to share with his clients. The scenarios he shares are tailored to their experiences of being in a business environment.

As a trainer, Wojciech is engaging and delivers high-impact sessions that work with the company goals to achieve improvements in individual sales and overall team management.

Wojciech has a Masters in Business Administration from University of Economics, Wroclaw and currently lectures at WSB University Wroclaw on Public Speaking as part of their International Management master studies.

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