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Make great lasting first impressions
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Your people are always making an impact. Always. Other people form judgements of them within seconds, whether you like it or not and whether you realise it or not. But are they making the right impact? And are they able to influence others? Whether in person or in a virtual meeting, it’s important to understand the impact you’re making at all times.

Speak First offers a range of courses to help people at all levels improve their impact, so heads turn as they enter a room and people listen attentively when they speak. We provide valuable techniques to help your people raise their profile and project a powerful personal brand. We can also help people influence more consistently – whether they’re meeting a new colleague for the first time, pitching to a long-standing customer, or seeking buy-in from the board.

Some people aspire to more than impact – they want to have presence, charisma and gravitas, so they look and sound the part in a senior role, or are credible to others at Director or C-Level. We offer advanced courses and coaching in which we share the secrets of those with the ‘wow’ factor – who seem to find it easy to persuade and convince everyone they meet.

All our learning solutions stand on their own as high-quality and high-impact interventions, but they’re at their very best when delivered as part of a wider programme. We can work with you to build a personalised programme that meets your own specific needs. We can seamlessly blend together virtual classrooms, face-to-face sessions, 1-2-1 and group coaching and more, to give you choice and flexibility.

Impact and Influence

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Flexible Learning Delivery

To suit your needs

Speak First create innovative learning solutions across a multitude of platforms that exceed individual and organisational learning outcomes. Training can be delivered virtually or face-to-face using the following solutions.

Standard, Tailored and Bespoke

Get the result you want for your organisation and your people

Creating a solution that’s right for your organisation, your people and their values is at the heart of what we do. Whether training is standard, tailored or bespoke your people will leave with the skills and confidence they need

Standard Design

Our ‘off-the-shelf’ training is of exceptional quality and far from standard. Trainers adapt delivery so participants leave feeling it’s designed just for them

Tailored Design

Tailored design develops existing content and enhances it with case studies, role-plays and more to make learning more relevant and effective

Bespoke Design

Working in partnership with you, we develop bespoke solutions – from one-off courses to global roll-outs. The ultimate fit for your organisation, they work seamlessly with your strategic goals, values and competences

Bespoke Programmes

Taking our bespoke courses to the next level – by building bespoke learning journeys, over a longer duration, to truly embed the learning.

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