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Most successful organisations are in a constant state of change – because change is necessary to maintain a competitive advantage, meet the expectations of customers and manage success in a rapidly changing world. But the relentless pace of change can be uncomfortable for many people.

Your staff get a new boss, someone they don’t know, and they wonder whether they’ll get along. Business units merge or split, or move to another location, resulting in personal and professional disruption. Familiar processes people can do with your eyes closed are replaced by procedures that don’t seem to them to be as intuitive.

This interactive and practical course will enable participants to cope with change more effectively. They will learn how to welcome change as inevitable rather than resist it, discover the secrets of coping with their changing emotions during the course of a change cycle and understand the critical role they have in supporting the implementation of change across the business.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this session, participants will:

  • Understand that most people find change challenging when they have limited control over it
  • Be aware of the Kübler-Ross change curve and know how to manage their emotions better
  • Understand how to cope with change differently and acquire effective strategies for coping
  • Recognise the role beliefs play in resisting or embracing change and how to reframe limiting beliefs
  • Know what they can do to support change initiatives and think creatively to make things work

Please note that these outcomes are a guide only and the precise outcomes will vary with the delivery method and duration of the session.

Dealing with change

Dealing with Change

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Tailoring our design for you

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Here’s how Speak First can make the training even more relevant for you and your people:

Tailored Design

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Bespoke Design

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Sample Participant Journey

The learning solutions featured on our website can all stand on their own as high-quality and high-impact learning interventions for your team – however, they are at their best when delivered as part of a wider learning programme, helping you achieve your strategic imperatives and your people benefit from much deeper and expansive learning journeys. We work with you as consultants, collaborators and design partners to establish learning outcomes and create the perfect programme - below is an example of what your people’s learning journey might look like.


Overall scope of programme agreed with client
Virtual/face-to-face training session(s)
In-between work: on-the-job assignments
Virtual/face-to-face training session(s)
Facilitated learning group sessions (group coaching)
Virtual/face-to-face training session(s)
Programme closing session – a celebration of success
Continuous learning support, virtual or face-to-face

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