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Many organisations set up Mentoring Programs with the aim of providing their people with access to the knowledge, skills and wisdom of more experienced managers and leaders. Mentoring helps staff accelerate their learning so they add greater value sooner, ensures valuable expertise and knowledge is passed on and, most importantly, improves staff engagement, satisfaction and retention.

But all too often, mentoring programmes fail to deliver because Mentors and Mentees are not entirely sure what’s expected of them, don’t know how often to meet and what to discuss, and what to do when the mentoring loses momentum or sessions get cancelled.

Speak First provides informative and practical workshops to maximise success. These are typically delivered for paired Mentors and Mentees – but can also be run for groups of Mentors or groups of Mentees on their own – to get the fledgling mentoring relationships off to the best possible start and have all the participants’ questions answered.

The session equips the Mentors with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to help their Mentee develop and grow professionally – and prepares the Mentees to get the most out of the opportunity.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this session, participants will:

  • Know how mentoring works in their organisation and what to do when problems arise
  • Understand the roles of the Mentor and Mentee and how best to work together
  • Know the optimum way of scheduling and structuring meetings for success
  • Understand how to have a clearly defined purpose and not just end up with a cosy chat
  • Be able to avoid the most common mentoring pitfalls

Please note that these outcomes are a guide only and the precise outcomes will vary with the delivery method and duration of the session.

Mentoring for success

Mentoring for Success

is available as

Tailoring our design for you

This outline provides a great flavour of the skills and knowledge your people will benefit from by attending any Speak First training or coaching on this topic – whether standard, tailored or bespoke.

Here’s how Speak First can make the training even more relevant for you and your people:

Tailored Design

Tailored design develops existing content and enhances it with relevant case studies, role-plays and more to make the learning even more effective for your people

Bespoke Design

Working in partnership with you, we develop bespoke solutions that incorporate this, and other topics, to create custom solutions for your organisation’s specific needs

Sample Participant Journey

All our training and coaching can be booked as a one-off course or session where your people will leave with the confidence, tools and skills needed to put their learning into practice Many of our clients work with us to reinforce this learning, while following the 70:20:10 framework, with 1:1 coaching, virtual webinars and learning bites to embed the learning and make it sustainable Here’s a sample of how that journey could look for your people:

Participant needs identified
Line managers briefed on learning programme
Attend face-to-face training course
Workplace activities and line manager coaching
Participate in virtual webinar
Workplace activities and line manager coaching
Individual 1:1 telephone coaching
Follow-up activities and/or action learning

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