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This course will be valuable for anyone looking to strengthen their project management skills. Interactive, practical and insightful, it addresses the most common challenges project managers face. They will learn how to control the four phases of a project – from initiation and planning to execution and closure – and guide it safely to a successful conclusion.

The workshop will be tailored to meet specific organisational needs that give participants relevant tools to ensure the learning is sustainable and transferable. Participants will learn how to assign roles and responsibilities, define the scope, create a milestone plan, influence stakeholders and manage changes to scope.

They will understand how to evaluate the impact a project might have on different parts of the business, discover how to identify risks and put in place plans to mitigate them to ensure the project is delivered on time and within budget.

The workshop will also cover budgeting, reporting and how to overcome the challenges of managing projects effectively in a matrix environment.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this session, participants will:

  • Understand the most common reasons projects fail
  • Know how to initiate and scope a project
  • Know how to track cost and schedules during execution
  • Know how to build effective relationships with stakeholders
  • Leave with tried-and-tested tools for solving problems and making decisions
  • Be aware of the need to focus on pro-active leadership activities

Please note that these outcomes are a guide only and the precise outcomes will vary with the delivery method and duration of the session.

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Project Management

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Tailoring our design for you

This outline provides a great flavour of the skills and knowledge your people will benefit from by attending any Speak First training or coaching on this topic – whether standard, tailored or bespoke.

Here’s how Speak First can make the training even more relevant for you and your people:

Tailored Design

Tailored design develops existing content and enhances it with relevant case studies, role-plays and more to make the learning even more effective for your people

Bespoke Design

Working in partnership with you, we develop bespoke solutions that incorporate this, and other topics, to create custom solutions for your organisation’s specific needs

Sample Participant Journey

The learning solutions featured on our website can all stand on their own as high-quality and high-impact learning interventions for your team – however, they are at their best when delivered as part of a wider learning programme, helping you achieve your strategic imperatives and your people benefit from much deeper and expansive learning journeys. We work with you as consultants, collaborators and design partners to establish learning outcomes and create the perfect programme - below is an example of what your people’s learning journey might look like.


Overall scope of programme agreed with client
Virtual/face-to-face training session(s)
In-between work: on-the-job assignments
Virtual/face-to-face training session(s)
Facilitated learning group sessions (group coaching)
Virtual/face-to-face training session(s)
Programme closing session – a celebration of success
Continuous learning support, virtual or face-to-face

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